Sistar, I See You ~ Writings of Womyn and their Magical Ways is Now Available on Create Space and Amazon <3

What are the unnamed, unspoken threads that weave women together?  How do we speak of the Soul?

Sistar, I See You shares an intimate look into the constellation of women that form Carli Romero's galaxy, in her first book of poetry. Written as personal testimonials through the deeply heartfelt act of witnessing, the collection explores themes of sisterhood, stardust, and the magical and mystical ways of women - particularly those living in New Mexico and on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

"Witnessing is a simple act. It is the act of holding space, deeply listening, wholly seeing another." Sistar, I See You is an invitation into the realm of the Soul, the way a young New Mexican woman sees her sister's Souls shine through and how they collectively contribute to her experience of the Divine Feminine.