57c4b5bd85035c70e3f7e0ee4042ed24When I learned that my last name (Romero) is translated to Rosemary it felt like a great gift, a loving caress to my heart from the cosmos, and a thread of connection between my family and Her - La Madre Tierra.  Rosemary carries so much feminine wisdom, as a name. Roses are connected to the apple family, the original fruit taken of the tree by Eden. Mary, connected to Mary Magdalene, Our Lady de Guadalupe and Mary the Mother of God. Furthermore, romero is known as a strong, feminine plant, holding the scent of mem[a]ry, and representing a household ran by strong women. As you explore my poems and other offerings, may you find your feminine Soul and the memory of your ancestars (re)awakened.

                        Art by Dave Sanchez found here.



About This Creativa

Carli Rene Romero is a native New Mexican, who is in love with the state's blue desert mountains and won't give up red or green chili for the world. She is invested in cultivating feminine leadership, and transforming education in her state to support WHOLE learners and teachers.  She is currently studying for her master's in Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico. She founded and directed a branch of Shakti Rising in Las Cruces, NM from 2013-2016 after organizing with Comunidades en Accion y de Fe.  She has published individual articles with Rebelle Society, Cushy, and Journey of the Heart.  She loves to witness and partner with other young women from her state who share a love of New Mexico’s land, spirit and people.  She recently published Sistar, I See You - her first book of poetry.