This list is definitely indefinite.  It may never be complete, and will always be fluid according to the learning, growth and challenges present in my life at anytime; but these are my "go-to-gurus."  Those inspirational voices that keep me afloat and bring me back to my own Soul when I need a reminder of who I AM.  


Clarissa Pinkola Estes:


Lyla June:


Wayne Dyer:


Maya Angelou:


Thich Nhat Hahn:


Pema Chodron;


Richard Roehr:


Deepak Chopra:


Isabelle Allende:


Sandra Cisneros:


Andrea Gibson:


Kayla Q. Frawley:



Healers/Curanderas/Spiritual Guides:

Friends:  Marcela VeronErica Dawn Page  ,   Deidra Schaub  ,  Niki Harrings  ,  Tess Meissener ,  Andrea Baldermeier ,  Anita Lara & Haley Laughter

Elena Avila ~ Woman Who Glows in the Dark  

Louise Hay ~ How to Heal Your Life                           Doreen Virtue ~ Angel Medicine

Brian Weiss ~ Many Lives, Many Masters                              Donna Eden ~ Energy Medicine

Debbie Ford ~ Dark Side of the Light Chasers        Pamela Church ~ Gestures of the Heart


Prophetic Change Agents & Organizations

Sarah Silva ~ Comunidades en Accion y de Fe

Angelica Rubio ~ The Tortilla Kid

PICO - People Improving Communities through Organizing

Shakti Rising

bell hooks ~ Teaching to Transgress

Paolo Friere ~ Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Leymah Gbowee ~ Mighty Be Our Powers

Amartya Sen ~ Idea of Justice