December 2017 Practice for Last Moon of the Year: Ask Empowering Questions If You Want Empowering Answers ~

If you are ready to begin listening into the flow and design of 2018, the best way to start is by asking good questions!  Sometimes the most simple process can be the most profound.  So in prayer, in meditation, to your source be that angels, God, Mother Earth, the Universe, etc.  - take some time to ask and really listen:   “How may I be of joyful service?  ~ What is my purpose here? Please show me in a way I understand. ~ What is my gift to the world and what is the first step I need to take to embody it?”  These are just examples, but ask empowering questions if you want empowering answers

Practice For Moon In Scorpio...Remedies For Poison...Filling Cracks With Gold. (November-December 2017)

Resentments are some of the most inhibiting sentiments we can carry.  They weigh us down, attach us to the past, and fill our hearts and bodies with venom.  When she's, we shine brighter and see broader, having created more space for love, joy and trust in our lives.

This month's reflective practice to release resentment is inspired by Louise Hay.

Before you begin the process I want you to try to orient yourself to this belief: The Universe has my back and holds my best interest at heart.  The infinite intelligence of the universe has more wisdom and foresight for my most fulfilled life, than I can recognize with my limited knowledge and experience.  I trust what the world has shown me and surrender to all it holds in store.

For this process find a comfortable seat or lay down.  Take a few deep breaths, releasing tension and giving your body permission to relax.  If there is a place in your body and mind that feels stuck, ask yourself what needs to be let go.  If a resentment toward another is present, imagine that you are in a movie theater.  In front of you is a huge screen and your mind is the projector. You are hear to watch a film of joy and fulfillment.  Call up the visual of the person you feel resentful toward, and begin to fill that screen with bounty, beauty and loving relationship. Imagine that person living a meaningful and joyful life.  Let yourself be warmed by the generosity of your own heart as you set this person free, at least in this short film for this short moment.

When that film is complete, create a new one with you as the central character.  Surround yourself with places, opportunities and relationships you love.  See yourself lead a fulfilled and meaningful life with a light and free heart.  Allow it to warm your whole body with the possibility of abundance.


Imagination Meditation ~ Building Possibility in Your Bones


New Moon Mindfulness Meditation:

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New Moon Magician Meditation Working with the Elements:

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