March 17, 2018 - New Moon in Pisces ~ Father of Air


Father of Air

The Father of Air is asking us for follow through over the next few weeks.

The New Moon in Pisces is a deep dive into the zodiac’s final and most universal sign at the closure of this solar year. In Pisces, emotions run high, intuition runs deep and we relinquish our ego-selves for collective connection.

With Pisces elements at play the Father of Air brings us some direction inside the unknown and helps us to pull through threads of creation and closure from last year. The Equinox falls just four days after our March New Moon and invites us into the dearly needed bounty and beauty of Spring.

The Father of Air can helps us to align to the forms of bounty, beauty, creation and new sight that allow us to be in Soul Service to all. We require nourishment, joy, laughter, play, stillness, touch , connection and nature. We don’t “have” lives, but we are life. We are each unique expressions of life and therefore intimately related to all the life that surrounds us. So let’s relate! Let us invest in our relationship to the creatures and elements that accompany every moment of our journey here, and let us do it in love.

The Father of Air brings us the clarity and continuity of mind that interrupts cyclical thoughts and negative beliefs that have blocked us from our birthright of abundant relationship. In particular, he is using his spear as to sever unsupportive threads that linger from 2017. In what ways are you still holding onto hopes, desires, regrets and resentments from 2017? Do they still have the breath of creation and transformation in them? Are they only familiar weights that you fear to let go of?

I learned the hard way this Winter that just because something has great potential or feels “meant” at one point, does not mean it is meant forever. If we are lucky and intentional, we are always changing, growing, learning and shifting. As we grow into new version of ourselves, we also grow into new frequencies, which set us on different trajectories than the ones tied to our former skins.

Let the Father of Air guide you into your most current, most potent trajectory as you feel the feels and download the intuitive hits the Pisces evokes. If you look closely at the eyes of this mindful warrior, they are calm, peaceful, warm and confident. They are still as water, seeing things just as they are. He feels very much like the Witness. The clear mind, observing what is, in pure form. He will help us bring our strengths from the past year and the struggles of winter into service for all.  Remember, Pisces is about collective consciousness. We are being asked to wield our weapons of courage, strength, truth, beauty, compassion and creation for ALL. The Father of Air knows this. He is a steward for his family and a servant to his community. He is clear about his purpose and at peace with the calling on his life. His confidence comes from survived battles and experience. His passion and direction come with his responsibility to the world.  He feeds his warrior spirit with the beauty of the sky above him and comfort of the Earth beneath him. He leans on the wisdom and capacity of his horse, with a trust in the most primal of senses. He also leaves old wounds and worries behind. His duty is to be present, in service of his community’s future.

Whatever threads you began to release last year, give them a full ceremony of closure now. Lay down old burdens, old wishes, old hopes that no longer align with your most joyous self. Trust the final days of Winter to wrap them into the night and recycle them as new seeds that will surprise and delight you.  

If you feel stuck inside of old thought patterns that you know are draining your energy, practice this meditation I learned from Thich Nhat Hahn:  Breathe in, “I am still water”. Breathe out, “I see clearly.” See yourself as a clear pond, allow the soot to settle to the earth, and perhaps move forward and follow through with anything that remains floating.

Best of luck. May Spring beam light on all the darkness felt in winter.  I know it was a doozie for most of us.