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The dark moon is magic. It is an empty cauldron, an open room, a blank piece of paper, an open field, an unused lot,  an undecorated wall, an unanswered question, an unsaid prayer, an unmade meditation, and a dark seed holding space for what will be.  It is a container for possibility, graciously presenting itself to us each month of our lives, invoking the magic that is our choice, that is the unknown, that is our life force, like a plant ever-guided toward the sun - unapologetically seeking growth and expansion.  The dark moon is an invitation into our depth, and the seeds of creation that lie deep within our hearts and souls waiting to be watered by intentional attention.  It is quiet in which to listen.  It is a light generous enough to shift so that each star may shine bright. The dark moon is a call to the curious, and courage to the creative.

We often celebrate the full moon, and rightfully so, but this blog will celebrate the new moon, because beginnings are the sweet moments where our belief prevails.


(published on Cushy March 17, 2018)

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Father of Air

The Father of Air is asking us for follow through over the next few weeks.

The New Moon in Pisces is a deep dive into the zodiac’s final and most universal sign at the closure of this solar year. In Pisces, emotions run high, intuition runs deep and we relinquish our ego-selves for collective connection.

With Pisces elements at play the Father of Air brings us some direction inside the unknown and helps us to pull through threads of creation and closure from last year. The Equinox falls just four days after our March New Moon and invites us into the dearly needed bounty and beauty of Spring.

The Father of Air can helps us to align to the forms of bounty, beauty, creation and new sight that allow us to be in Soul Service to all. We require nourishment, joy, laughter, play, stillness, touch , connection and nature. We don’t “have” lives, but we are life. We are each unique expressions of life and therefore intimately related to all the life that surrounds us. So let’s relate! Let us invest in our relationship to the creatures and elements that accompany every moment of our journey here, and let us do it in love.

The Father of Air brings us the clarity and continuity of mind that interrupts cyclical thoughts and negative beliefs that have blocked us from our birthright of abundant relationship. In particular, he is using his spear as to sever unsupportive threads that linger from 2017. In what ways are you still holding onto hopes, desires, regrets and resentments from 2017? Do they still have the breath of creation and transformation in them? Are they only familiar weights that you fear to let go of?

I learned the hard way this Winter that just because something has great potential or feels “meant” at one point, does not mean it is meant forever. If we are lucky and intentional, we are always changing, growing, learning and shifting. As we grow into new version of ourselves, we also grow into new frequencies, which set us on different trajectories than the ones tied to our former skins.

Let the Father of Air guide you into your most current, most potent trajectory as you feel the feels and download the intuitive hits the Pisces evokes. If you look closely at the eyes of this mindful warrior, they are calm, peaceful, warm and confident. They are still as water, seeing things just as they are. He feels very much like the Witness. The clear mind, observing what is, in pure form. He will help us bring our strengths from the past year and the struggles of winter into service for all.  Remember, Pisces is about collective consciousness. We are being asked to wield our weapons of courage, strength, truth, beauty, compassion and creation for ALL. The Father of Air knows this. He is a steward for his family and a servant to his community. He is clear about his purpose and at peace with the calling on his life. His confidence comes from survived battles and experience. His passion and direction come with his responsibility to the world.  He feeds his warrior spirit with the beauty of the sky above him and comfort of the Earth beneath him. He leans on the wisdom and capacity of his horse, with a trust in the most primal of senses. He also leaves old wounds and worries behind. His duty is to be present, in service of his community’s future.

Whatever threads you began to release last year, give them a full ceremony of closure now. Lay down old burdens, old wishes, old hopes that no longer align with your most joyous self. Trust the final days of Winter to wrap them into the night and recycle them as new seeds that will surprise and delight you.  

If you feel stuck inside of old thought patterns that you know are draining your energy, practice this meditation I learned from Thich Nhat Hahn:  Breathe in, “I am still water”. Breathe out, “I see clearly.” See yourself as a clear pond, allow the soot to settle to the earth, and perhaps move forward and follow through with anything that remains floating.

Best of luck. May Spring beam light on all the darkness felt in winter.  I know it was a doozie for most of us.



There is no Brilliance You Cannot Inhabit - 2018 Tarot Guidance

2018 is a fresh New Year with vibrancy, opportunity and vision to boot.  I will be pulling from the beautiful Vision Quest tarot this year, which reminds me of my home and some of my ancestors.  The Vision Quest deck by Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose reminds me of the wisdom held in New Mexico's land and ancestry, and may be the most beautiful deck I've ever worked with.  May it reinvigorate the magic that surrounds us everyday as we work with it this year.

A beautiful trilogy blesses us through this New Moon.  I chose a past, present, future spread for the first reading of the year, which tells a story of loving fire.  Kindling if you will.

Past: Star XVII  ~ A stunning woman gazes forward with warm eyes, and the glow of the stars flowing throughout her being.  She waters the Earth beneath her with a substance ignited by starlight as swans visit her.  She wears a medicine wheel on her right ear, representing action that harmonizes with the balance of life and a seashell at her heart-center, carrying the life force of the ocean in her being.

star tarot.jpg

Present: Six of Fire: Victory ~  6 arrows ascend to the sky, demonstrating movement toward heaven.  The Sun rises high in the background lighting the sky with brilliant oranges and yellows and a flower opens fully to receive the sunlight and exhibit it’s beauty to the world.  The arrows and fire come from a green pasture, representing the heart chakra and grounded in a loving nature.

pasted image 0 (1).png

Future: Daughter of Fire ~ A young woman, wearing a winged dress, offers sage smoke to the heavens, as the colors of the crown and core chakras merge in sunset behind her.  Lighting cracks in the background, telling of rains and abundance to come, while bright orange flowers bloom in the green forest around her.  She is one with the animating force of life, and able to offer to the Gods the very light they offer her.

pasted image 0.png

You may notice the theme of night to bright in this three-fold spread.  The Star graces the night sky with love, guidance and ease.  Likely signifying love and forgiveness that supported us through the transition of 2017 to 2018.  It was a very challenging past year for many and it brought out the need for many of us to connect to Spirit and our hearts.  A huge part of welcoming the new year as a ritual landmark of new opportunities and ways of being, is offering love and forgiveness to all that we wish to release and transform from before.  This card invites us to bring the warmth of starlight (which connects us all - regardless of politics, class, gender, race, location, etc.) into all of our relations.  Do you have an offering of love you can make toward that which you struggle with?  Can you make a daily offering of water to a plant in the name of nurturing forgiveness or understanding toward those who challenge you?  

Right now, in this moment, the New Moon in Capricorn and the 6 of Fire compels us to make moves with magic.  Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, a force of foundation building, and the 6 of Fire points us toward success.  6 in numerology, is a nurturing character, one of hearth and home-building.  This is an interesting cross, because Capricorn in Saturn (this New Moon) activates the energy of Father while 6 in numerology holds the energy of Mother.  Motherhood and Fatherhood can only be initiated by new birth.  We are invited to “do the thing” we’ve always wanted to do, and this card tells us that our endeavors will be supported with the animating life force of the sun.  This life force, is the same that we call in passion.  Connect to your third chakra, your own core and that which makes you a unique contribution of light to the world, and ask how your individuality may be brought into service.  If you already know what is being called forth, then put it into action, and manifest it materially in anyway you can.  If not, get still, and let the answer rise like the arrows in this card toward the heavens.  When we make divine energy and intention into Earthly matter, we discover heaven on Earth.

The Future, Daughter of Fire Card, represents self-actualization.  As a practice to come more fully into your most powerful self, I invite you to do a little mirror work.  It may feel awkward and even vain at first, but it is super powerful.  Write down three statements that you would like to deeply believe to be true about yourself by the end of 2018.  Look at yourself in the eyes and speak them affirmatively every morning.  Say them until you can accept them.  If you are uncomfortable the first time you give it a go, and find yourself laughing or wincing or doubting - just keep saying it until you are able to receive it as a neutral truth.  This may bring up some frustrating emotions.  That is OK.  Be patient and kind toward yourself and remember that you are a divine creation.  You literally come from starlight.  There is no brilliance you cannot inhabit.

May you radiate the beauty within you and 2018 reflect it back.

Love, Carli

For each new moon in 2017 I worked with the  Motherpeace Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vickie Nobel.  The card I choose will inspire a weekly essay, short daily practice, and a meditation for the evening of/morning after the new moon.

Last New Moon of 2017: 7 of Cups


A woman stands at the center of psychic revelations and seeks to catch them in her cup of inner consciousness.  A dove, universally recognized as a symbol of peace, is resting just above her cup and crown, anointing these revelations as dreams and ideas to be brought into the world as love in action.

As I saw this card, I felt a sense of relief and gratitude for December and the year 2018.  While water often represents emotion, it also represents the psychic or unconscious world.  It can pertain to dreams, imagination, and the unseen that seeks to be realized in service of love here on Earth.

Of course, if you are stirring in the waters of your emotions from a lack of processing this year, it will be important to empty your metaphorical cup, and release your emotions so that you can receive new and clear insights.  However, my sense is many of us have been “moving water” throughout the last year with political, social and personal challenges that have shaken many of us to our core and clearly demanded death of old beliefs, habits, resistance and attachment, so that something new may arise.  I heard, in a Brene Brown interview today, that “to forgive we have to grieve...forgiveness requires death.”  So, if you have forgiveness or grief to tend to, please take time in this coming two weeks and allow yourself the gift of grieving, so that your heart, body, and mind have the space to receive whatever is trying to make its way through you and into this world in 2018.

Those of you that have visited with La Llarona and Kali over many days and nights already this year, will be washed clean from the grace of your own tears and ready to receive the gifts of your undeniable connection to all that is and all that wants to be in this world.

An empty cup, like a new moon is a magical and mysterious thing.  It represents choice, agency and new life.  It’s the pause between an exhale and inhale, an entire revolution of blood and oxygen circulating through the body to renew organs, cells and tissues.  It creates the space for questions and intentions, so we may be purposeful with the next round of breath we take and the qualities the oxygen we bring into our blood and body will carry.

I have had a distinct feeling all year, that 2017 was a twelve month long waning moon.  That we have been releasing, and surrendering, and losing, and uncovering layer after layer of the identities and assumptions and things and people we had become attached to in our former lives.  I suspect this moon has finally waned, and 2018 will be a fresh start of brand new initiations, bringing us to realizations of ourSelves and our capacities in this world that will astonish come this time next year.  I can’t wait!

If you have already partaken of a spiritual and imaginative “refill”, than begin this new moon to bring the waters of your imagination into reality.  Choose your intentions wisely and with focus.  Don’t get lost in the vast waters of possibility, but pin down the possibilities that you really want to make real and will find purpose in.

If your cup has just been emptied, and/or you are letting out the final drops, then ask clear and empowering questions you may receive clear and empowering answers: “How may I be of joyful service?  ~ What is my purpose here? Please show me in a way I understand. ~ What is my gift to the world and what is the first step I need to take to embody it?”  These are just examples, but ask empowering questions if you want empowering answers.

See you on the other side of the 2017 express.  This has been one of the most upsetting and profound years of my life.

New Moon Blessings,


New Moon In November ~ Gold Struck

pasted image 0 (1).png

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

These two cards practically threw themselves out of the deck as I was shuffling, this week. Initially, I was drawn to the extensive and centralized yellows and golds found in each image.  

In the World card, this woman who represents me, you, those that view it - is practically wearing her power.  Yellow, is the color of the core chakra, which is where our sense of self and sovereignty, esteem and power live.

 I love that this worldly woman is draped in her own power and sense of self, but wearing it loosely, as if it is dynamic and free, not dogmatic and stagnant.  She feels wild and playful in her sense of self.  

On the other hand, you have the woman in the Ace of Swords very purposefully in a strong meditative stance, surrounded with golds also representing core identity, and violet which represents our connection to all that is.  She is aligning herSelf to greater consciousness, and the sword indicates that she will act intentionally from this space.

pasted image 0.png

This is a beautiful and interesting pairing for this New Moon.  The World card represents the full realization of the “fool”.  We begin the major Arcana, at card 0, the fool, who is innocent and naive creating a pure and unadulterated embodiment, curiosity, and courage.  This fool travels the stages of the Major Arcana until she reaches the World - where she is able to stand freely in connection to all her relations and all previous “selves”.  You may see the women encircled around her as current community and/or passed lives from which she is distinguishing herself in celebration.  

So you have an ending, a realization, a full moon - and it is directly followed by an Ace, which is a New Moon card, a beginning, and the first step on a journey.  This journey is not solely internal, but one that will engage the world from a commitment to “truth”.

In this time my heart is most captured by the colors.  As these two cards sport vibrant yellows and golds, so the do the trees that line our streets and decorate the bosques of the Rio Grande.  I am struck with the revelation that as the leaves prepare to fall they travel “backwards” or down the sequence of core chakras.  From green, the color of the heart, they transform into yellow, then orange, then red - making their way from the Heart - Emotions, to Core - Sense of Self, to Sacral - Relational, to Root - Earth/Material/Security.  READ MORE HERE @ CUSHY.


Two Of Swords

OCTOBER 20, 2017

The Season of All Souls is upon us. In this time, we not only connect to the After-Life that has surrendered physical form on this plane, we connect to our own after-life.  The after-life of all that was seeded, birthed and realized through the seasons of Winter, Summer and Spring. This new moon cycle asks us to find balance while integrating the lessons and love we have received in the past three seasons. We are supported in a unique way during Autumn, to connect to the bodies and the spirits that we come from, wholly integrating and ultimately knowing our belonging to the whole - as descendents of not only Madre Tierra, but the stars.


ust as we call on those who have come before us, harnessing the wisdom of our ancestors as the veil lightens and spaces “thin”, we choose what we will continue to call on from the lives that we have thus far lead. There is a beautiful meme traveling through social media right now:

“We Are The New Ancestors.”

It is humbling and a bit scary to recognize that we are the ones who will be called on for wisdom, love, grace, strength, and care for the oncoming generations. In the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes,

“We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.”

I have to ask myself if I am embodying those things that I seek from my ancestors right now? Am I waiting until I have returned to my Soul form (which is not only present in this time, but ALL time) to be the presence that offers those gifts? How do I care for the seven generations that follow me in my every thought, word and action right now?  READ MORE HERE


9 Of Discs ~ Seeing From Essential Self

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

Fall is upon us.  She is a season of Kali ~ She who releases us from the excess, the out-dated, the agreements and beliefs that bind and limit our awareness, our risks, our joy.  Kali, I think, is often misunderstood.  Overly feared as a “harsh” or heavy-handed creature.  Really she is a painter.  A rhythmic being who refuses to forsake the lessons of letting go that allow us to redraw our lives.  There is a lot of heart in Kali’s heavy handedness.  Her sword severs with love.  She is like Fall, the season that necessitates release, surrender, and sometimes a straight up shake down (or smack down if we really hang on to the shit that no longer serves us).

Fall imbues the process of letting go with beauty.  She surrounds us with yellows, oranges and reds - those colors that speak strongly to our worldly chakras  - stability, community, desire, creation, connection, and sovereignty.  She brings the mystical into this annual strip-down that reveals the essential.  Fall invites us to gracefully pay our respects to all of the fruits of our lives, the fruits of this world, and the fruits of those that came before, and begin the slow turn inward to our untouchable essence - that which is never untrue to who we are and what we are made of.


For this New Moon that sits on the cusp of Fall, I pulled the 9 of Discs.  I am in love with this card.  A medicine woman sits on the Earth accompanied by a cactus and a snake - partners in simplicity and resilience.  She has with her a drum, a rattle, a wand, and sand that she uses to paint her vision.  When I first looked at this card, this time, I saw a map in this painting, with the medicine wheel as a guide to the medicine woman.  I love the simplicity and elegance of this map and that is lays directly on the Earth, fully invoking connection with all that we come from and belong to, and the support of this material world.  I love the way the mesa rolls right into the Sky, showing us how intricately connected vision is with reality.  She is safe, yet vulnerable.  Sitting in an exposed and expansive spot, unencumbered by a bounty of vegetation...bare as the beings of Fall.  She is in solitude, yet un-alone, surrounded by her most elemental Mother...


New moon - August 22, 2017

Three Of Cups - Profound Relationship - Collective Transformation

The Three of Cups immediately imprints community on my psyche.  Three priestesses, dancing and celebrating, each with a unique symbol of gifts and characteristics at hand.  They are a trinity of women in relationship with themselves, each other and the nature that they come from.  Additionally there are three trees, marking the landscape with shade and abundance.

One priestess holds two snakes, which stand alone as symbols of rebirth, and shedding of the old ways that no longer serve.  Together the two snakes represent transformation in relationship.  Relationship between Soul and Ego.  Relationship between Soul and Soul.  Relationship between Micro and Macro.  Relationship between Conscious and Subconscious.  Snakes are low to the ground, closely synced up with Mother Earth and constantly re-calibrated by her nurturing and neutral energies as they glide their whole beings across her surface.  I feel the exoneration of these two snakes together celebrates the arrival of dualities into an equilibrium with one another - a settling of the paradox - a beautiful card to pair with a solar eclipse.

Another priestess is holding a flute of Krishna.  Krishna encouraged his students to become like the flute, to channel the music of life through their own beings, as vessels of divine breath - inspiration - and love.    This symbolism reminds me of the Hopi Kokopelli as well, a character prevalent in New Mexico, who represents fertility, healing and storytelling.  As I meditate on the presence of the flute in this card, and the practices of “healing, fertility and storytelling” in particular, I am struck by the realization that these acts are most profound, when they occur between individuals and in community.  They are also acts that require vulnerability, listening, presence, and trust which deepen relationship.

The third priestess is holding a “thyrsus” or sacred stick.  Dionysus, a god of fruit and vegetation, is known for carrying a thrysus.   This priestess is holding a bundle of sacred sticks that are from “trees of the moon goddess”.  Three wands hold much more power than one, reminding us that in partnership our creative force and interplay can be very generative.

The Pegasus in this card stood out quite strongly to me in addition to the celebrating triad.  Pegasus is of earth, water and air.  A multi-dimensional and mythical being, now living in the sky as a constellation of stars.  A beautiful embodiment of a “journeyer”.  One who travels the various worlds we encounter with grace, power and ease.  From water - the underworld - to space - the void that unites us all or Divine Consciousness.  This creature is fluid in all realms from internal, to interpersonal, to communal consciousness and capable in all physical environments.  A powerful representation of our internal capacity to move through and in relationship to different spaces, people and experiences in our lives.

We are all mythic on some level, and bring to the world, and to our own communities a little heroic magic, if we are courageous enough to offer our gifts up generously.  When we place ourselves in community we are likely to be called on, pulled, challenged and lifted in some way.  Community asks us to stretch, to grow, to adapt and be present.  The act of being in relationship to others, is transformative on its own.

Read More and Find a Reflective Writing Process to Vision Your Relationship to Self and Community Here...

Shaman Of Swords ~  Build The Sentiment Of Possibility In Your Bones

New Moon Tarot ~ July 23rd

The man who has no imagination, has no wings.”     — Muhammad Ali 

The Shaman of Swords nearly jumped out at me in this reading.  Mimicking the thoughts swirling in concentric waves around her head.  The Shaman of Swords holds the energy of summer powerfully with  fiery tones of red, orange and yellow preceding an atmosphere air, which represents the mind. Creative expression and movement are strong qualities of both Summer and this card.

“IMAGINATION" flashed brightly in my mind with this playful image.  It sings to the beautiful capacity we have within our hearts and minds to create worlds untold and bring substance to an unborn future.  Our imaginations are like under-used muscles or abused ones – either stunted or mobilized  by fear and addiction in many of us.  The beauty here is that our imaginations belong to us – we get to choose how we’d like to engage them – instead of imagining worst possible outcomes and feeding the thoughts that can haunt and taunt our freedom; we can use them playfully and joyfully. We can choose to express self-love by allowing the beauty of possibility into our lives, and watering our dreams internally...Read More At Cushy

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New Moon in Cancer ~ June 23, 2017

4 of Swords: Air, Mental Body

Swords can be cutting or clearing, sharp, blunt or ragged. They have been used to draw blood and measure the worth of a Soul. In the Motherpeace Tarot 4 of Swords card become an anchor. Gargoyles of sacred space, setting a boundary toward the outside world.

4 of swords.jpg

Your thoughts and the cultivation of your mind may do the same. This New Moon, the 4 of Swords invites us to draw our energy inward. Breathe deep through the mainline of the body. Use the breath to connect all of your chakras, each center of energy, and engage them as tethers of Spirit and Soul. Take time to retreat, reflect, meditate. Practice solitude and quietude, so that you can meaningfully direct the expansive energy of Summer. Use the breath to stay cool, as the sun beats down on your being.  READ THE REST HERE

Find the Guided Meditation for this New Moon Here

New Moon ~  May 25, 2017

The Magician: Numerology # 1; Planet Mercury; Nervous System; Archangel Raziel

I have very appropriately pulled The Magician, for this first go-round, to usher in our Dark Moon Magic.



We are magicians no matter who we are.  Whether or not we choose to be, want to be, or claim to be.  Each day of our life is impacted by our choices, either subtle or explicit, in perception or action.  Many of us experience freedom differently.  There is real disparity in our experience of freedom, real disparity in our contexts within the world.  Some of us have many more choices available to us than others, yet we all have some that we belong to.  It is in our choices, that we get to exercise our freedom or not.  Read More at Cushy

Find the Guided Meditation for this New Moon Here