Some More Of The bad ass brujas and co-creatives I am beyond blessed to partner with:

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 Life long desert dweller, Erin E. Barrio received her BA’s in Women’s Studies and English Language, Literature & Culture from New Mexico State University, where she also received her Master's degree in English Literature. Erin has taught beginning level composition, humanities, and technical writing courses at NMSU, and currently resides in Albuquerque, NM where she serves as Founder and Editor & Chief for a collective blog space, Cushy, a community of womyn creatives. When she’s not at her day job working as an administrator in the tech and Venture Capital  industries, she’s co-producing a podcast on politics in the world of Harry Potter called Accio Politics.

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Steph Preciado Shelton

Steph is an amazing artist and educator, teaching middle school art in Las Cruces New Mexico.  Her and hubby Chris, own Reviver Printing and are responsible for most of the cool graphic tees you see in Southern NM!  You may notice the cover art from my book Sistar I See You, designed by Steph and Cassandra Dixon on her shirt!


Sarah Pedregon ~ Graphic Designer

It all started when I was 6 years old. I finished up my homework, and was getting ready to put the final touches on this work of art. I signed my name in the top-right corner, neatly stacking “Sarah” on top of “Pedregon”, left aligned the letters, and filled the negative space with an icon I was particularly fond of that day–usually a butterfly, heart or a flower–something that really defined me as a designer.  I’m 27, but I’ve spent 21 years of my life improving my craft. My goal is to continue to do what I love and to learn from every experience I have.

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