Body Prayer

(art by Paulo Nicho Cumez  found here )

(art by Paulo Nicho Cumez found here)

You are a Beast of Wonder, Dear Body. ~ morning writing               

Like love wrapped in a blanket, the tones of my skin,

Like ancestors traversing my inner galaxies,

Like secrets of birth, of death, of beauty embedded in curves of muscle, bone and tissue,

My body is eternal and new each day.

With every dawn your cells attune to possibility,

Learning to meet the glow of the Sun over and over, anew.

With each dusk you settle into solace and let the darkness take you,

Teaching me there is no permanence here.

Every second this heart, this oasis, this well, this mountain of mystery beats life throughout my being un-beckoned.

Playing a poignant, tender and diligent role in the galaxy of Me,

So that I may play a simple and significant role in the galaxy of All.

You are a beast of wonder, dear body.

Sometimes I betray you with hateful thoughts, comparisons, pressures that aren't real to the Soul.

And yet you are the ultimate instrument of compassion,

Loving me back anyways, in your rhythmic container of life.

Thank you dear body, for being the ground to my being, and crowning my journey with grace