Ghosting Is For Pendejos


New poem ~ Fresh from my lunch break "Ghosting is for Pendejos", inspired by like 6 dif. hermanas who have been victim to ghosting this month. What is up with that?  A few words can go a long way. This is for all the single folks out there:

"Only Pendejos ghost on Goddesses

and only Pendejas ghost on Gods.

One of my best girls who is Chingona AF,

texted me today and is doubting herself because of a pinche ghost.

Here's my PSA for the ghosts of our day:

There are lots of reasons for ghosting -

Maybe you met someone and fell so hard, you got spooked. (get it?)

Maybe you realized it wasn't a match,

didn't resonate or harmonize,

stopped smelling so damn good.

Maybe you met someone else and your Soul soared moving the other person to the periphery.

Maybe you felt all mixed up inside.



And made a mature choice to be with yourself...

but THEN your immature ass ghosted!

Whatever reason you may have for ghosting,

the silent slipping away with no explanation is unexplainable.


When people meet, date, dance, kiss

or whatever they do, they are both taking a risk.

We know what field we are stepping onto.

No one gets to cry ignorance here.

But there are the players who step up to the midline to shake hands

before AND after the game.

They are usually the captains.

If you decide to date, don't leave your cajones behind.

Be ready to be accountable,

have integrity,

communicate clearly,

say the uncomfortable thing so the other player isn't left wondering if the rules of the game just changed.

Don't ghost. It's for pendejos."