Ursula, La Bruja Buena ~ published by Journey of the Heart 2017


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Written for my dear friend, Monica Nadira Giron I remember sharing a room with you, we were priestesses in training, Sharing dreams with you, Talking of missed family, missed mountains, missed places, This was in our Soul’s time.

I am beyond grateful for sharing spiritual schemes with you, Mapping the unseen with you, Rediscovering magical means with you in THIS Lifetime.

You are like a loving Ursula, Pisces Queen of the Sea, But instead of snatching Aerial’s song away you call it out into the open, Guardian of Mermaids come back to the Desert,

Nadirah means “prescious one”, Prescious like a pearl, The only gem that shines on its own, Illustrious in its baldness.

Giron reminds me of Gira Sol, Turning ever toward the light, Bioremediating toxins, Bringing clarity to murky waters, Girl, I see your Indigo Sight.

Monica Nadira Giron, Our third eye chola, visionary chingona, who recites the future in her witching hour flight. Bruja linda, almond eyes, heartful child – strong and wise.

You talk to animals with no regard for the befuddled humans who look at you like, “girl a freak.” Cuz you know your language is multi-versal chic, And that includes Animal Speak.

Creative genius con virgensitas, You literally bring dreams into the material, the divine into earth matter, like a Friedalita, Ages of Arabia and Mexico are channeled through your Feminine Mystique.

I love you for your ability to See Me and Others. For your child like awe, You hold the paradox like a vesica Pisces, Your beauty is bold and subtle, You are playful, yet girl don’t play. There are worlds inside that heart, those eyes, There are untold spaces where magic resides.

You drip life on the desert like a Goddess Sedna on land, Drops that shapeshift into snakes, birds, sapos, Populating our world with symbolism, understanding, belief, It is a light touch like sun on brown eyes, That you bring to these earthly ties,

There is a raw sense of Being and a clear sense of Seeing when I’m with you, Like the Earth is under me, but below that are stars and a vast naked sky, And our Souls are large and visions true, And I have faith in who I am because I know you do too.

Thank you for being my sister, sharing dreams and magical schemes late into the moonlit nights.

Published by Journey of the Heart, April 27, 2017