A Revolution of Fire


It’s 3am.  I’m awake again.

I have this problem lately.  I experience moments of extreme anxiety in MY Body, at the most inconvenient times. (case in point)

This isn’t normal for me, or at least hasn’t been for a few years.

Last week I had a fever five days in a row.  No other flu like symptoms, just a strong fever.

Louise Hay attributes fever to too much anger in the body, a revolution of fire with no outlet.  Seems about right.

I am anger walking lately.  A ball of fire waiting to get lit.  Imagine the Goddess Brigid.  Her name means “Fiery Arrow” and I am Her, reincarnate, but still crafting my bow, because I will use this fire wisely.

I have been doing my work to process this burning upwelling in my body.  I believe in taking responsibility for my own emotions, and managing my own energy, AND I believe in asking for help.  Because we are, after all, living in an interdependent world.

So, People and my partners in democracy (for better or worse, till death do us and democracy apart) can I get a little help here?

Could you not condone hate crimes against women by electing a sexual predator into office?

You see, I have “been grabbed by the pussy” as have most women I know and it’s not as casual as our community makes it out to be.

It’s violent.  It’s irreparable.  And unfortunately, it’s endemic.  Bigly.

So endemic in fact, that there is a major party presidential candidate on the ballot who is accused 12 times over of sexual assault attacks.

Wow.  This is a bigly blow.

I’m terrified.  In the animal sense of the way – the sense that fights, flies, or freezes when their bodily integrity is at risk.  Get it?

And I’m not the only one.  And this is not the only issue being overlooked, seared over, or even motivated by hate and an inherent bias against different expressions of the human body in this election.

I am also terrified in the conscious sense of the way – in that I love, admire and value the raw magic of women – and the United States of America may be a country that despises us.

I’m waiting and praying to discover that this is my big misconception, that it’s not true.  That we couldn’t conceivably turn our heads and hearts against 12 women sharing their truth about 1 man’s violations against their bodies, their spirits, their personhood.

I still have faith that we are not a country that will value men to women – 1 to 12.

Please affirm my faith.  Please affirm women.

I mean not that we don’t know we’re magical and all.  It’s not like we don’t carry the force of life and water in our beautiful bodies, as the sacred containers for our future.  Literally.  It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of studies that confirm that when women are healthy and empowered and responsible for the distribution of resources, that children are better nourished and educated, even when the amount of resources are the same.   It’s not like We Women, aren’t a microcosm of our beautiful, creative, generous and generative Mother Earth who has supported all of us, and loved all of us enough to hold us close to her skin with loving Gravity so that we may live a life Embodied and in relationship with the God given nature that is this planet.  It’s not like, the same statement we will make about women if we overlook rape, will translate to overlooking the rape of our planet for the use of its body even more blindly, wastefully and cruelly than we already do.

It’s not like, this election isn’t a chance to take a stand for LOVE.  It’s not like it won’t matter to those of us who have been “grabbed by the pussy” if you vote for anyone other than the ultimate pussy grabber.

Because, IT WILL MATTER TO US.  It will let us know you value us, as whole beings.  It will allow us to relinquish some of the struggle that cries out for recognition of human worth.  It will create space for us to lend our palpable, fiery, life giving energy to the healing we are being called to do, as opposed to the defending and protecting of our god-given bodies and right to take up space.  It is a small thing, and it matters.

I don’t care who else you vote for.  I do hope you vote.  Your local vote has deep impacts locally, and far-reaching impacts nationally.  I simply ask that you please, don’t condone rape with your ballot this year.

Brigid is waiting, inside each woman I know and she would like to use her brilliant life force to create, not to defend her dreams and vision of freedom.  Freedom cannot exist, when it relies on the oppression of others, and that is the very freedom that Trump dangerously touts, it is the freedom motivated by those who in their hearts are unfree.