Turquoise Songs


She calls to us with ripples of turquoise, Washing gold into the cracks of sand so that we can witness the Earth's treasures.

I am graced with the knowing of timelessness.

For She always Is....



glistening like a woman dancing under a Full Blue Moon.

She will sing for us tonight as we gather;

She will sing for Her lineage, Her family, the walking bones of Her body to come together in Heart, in Story, as Tribe.

As I stood in Her waters, She showed me that it is my naturalness to leave a mark co-creation on this Earth...

Mother Earth, Mother Sea, Father Sun and Sky Weaving a tender bridge of Source through our lives.

At first, I feared the waters were too cold, soon to discover that She holds the sun in Her movement...catching warmth that welcomes my skin.

My heart is now blessed with this moment forever.

We belong to Each other, just as I belong to You;

And my great act of gratitude will be to water the Desert with the sanctuary of Her and follow my Soul to the Sistars that carry Her golden turquoise glow.