La Malinche and Her Sisters


I am the Daughter of La Malinche,la malinche Born of Paradox,

Colonizer and Colonized,

Each flow in the memory of my blood.

I have bled and shed blood,

And my Heart has grieved for both of these truths.

She, My Heart, is strong.

She made the choice to stand in between…She made the choice.

My skin is the rich brown of fertile soil, the bountiful dark of a clear night, the warm tone of beach sands, and light like white corn.

I may not look like my Sistars, but we all come from the Earth.

My Body is Enchanted, like the Land of New Mexico.

The land thrice colonized, thrice birthed, through blood and waters shed.

She is resilient desert, blue mountain and red rock.

Her body remembers the water She is made of.

My Sister, La Llorona does not let Her forget that She comes from water.

Her and I carry secrets of water, deep in our beings, holding nourishment and sacred wells for the thirsty.

Mi Hermana, La Llarona, reminds me of this.  She refuses to stall her tears, she gives life by shedding water.

Sometimes I hear her in the dark, and I sit in silence lending her comfort with my ears and praying into the star desert night.

And there I find mi otra Hermana – Our Lady de Guadalupe,

She hides in the night’s starry cloak,

She reminds me  that in all my contradiction, through my dry lands and my rains, I am Loved.

“Mija, eres Amor.

It is your one true nature, the maker of you, the essence released by chapparral under rain.

You are the daughter of La Malinche, of  ancient and Nuevo Mexico.

You are a bridge between worlds.

And you, my daughter with fire in your heart, are Loved."