Wrote this recently as a winter invocation (and for a Shakti related invite)...

I sip cocoa sprinkled with cinnamon and pause in the swift movement of this season,
I reach for Winter
The stillness of Winter in my soul,
The stillness of Winter in the wheel of the seasons,
And the stillness of Winter in each pause for breath that sustains my generative walk in this world.
My being softens with gratitude for my eternal access to stillness,
The root holding in place my waving branches and bristling leaves…
And I feel the restoration of the soil packed cozily around my roots…
In this pause I remember that life requires darkness to be born
And my seeds of intent embrace the quilt of night brought by the coming Solstice.
In this time of restoration She harkens us home to Her hearth,
We are called to gather once again as Sisters, as Midwives, as moths to Her flame,
Traveling from our temples to the Mothership, and carving more deeply the paths that sing of ancient Wisdom, rhythms and spices.
Come, come, be here, be with us.
Come pray, come play, come dance and vision, get dirty,
Get clear and prepare for the Year of the Apple Tree.