We are life giving - you and me.


Early 2013 I lay tired,

Tear stained bones lying dormant, trapped under shallow skin burns,

My young hands are so old - their cracks- man made rivers on this Mama Earth,

I hear Her call faintly,

I hear Her remind me it is a time for mystery,  "Stop seeking answers in the unknown, sweety.  Let it be.  Play, love, sing, dance your sexy ass off.:.

And watch those cracks in your skin fade,

Watch those trapped cheek bones break into a free psiritied smile,

Recognize those sun burns as a vibrant glow, as gifts of vitamin D, and rays of sunshine generously beamed into your body like lightning to the core,

Revitalizing that sol chakra and spinning your power into rhythm.

Mija, Mama says, you love me - my sand, my water ways, my depths and shallowness,

You love the cactus and the grass, the rocks and the leaves....

Remember them in yourself, Remember yourself in them.

We are life-giving, you and me.  One and the Same.