the inside of my heart


From  2011 This is what the inside of my heart looks like,

Can you see it - the golden abundant field,

Do you see the bold red sunset sparking yellow at the seams

The mountains in the background- purple shades of violet and indigo,

This is my heart,

With the river flowing generously, fluidly, holding on then letting go,

Tugging one direction, releasing the next and giving itself to the chaos and beauty of being.

Do you see the essence of my heart?

No - not there yet?  Let's dig deeper.

Through the red-brown cold desert earth, beyond the succulent tuna and discrete yucca,

Past the sage we delve into the core -

Mulch, malt, matter.

Upward we soar - past the waning, pulsing moon - encountering the bursts that are stars-

To dream, to guide, to invite into greater being where not one size fits all, but one spirit binds together.

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