Divine Souls Rushing Through... 2013


We are divine souls rushing through as tides through our bodies, Sun, moon, all with in

All surrounds.

Spirit imbibes us

Showing us truth

You enable what you embody

Curiosity overwhelms

Gratitude engulfs

And divinity is known, seen, recognized, smelt, held

Love, its infinite grace, swallowing us up wholly.

We are Holy.  We are Hers.

Guide us.  Prepare us, Your conduits of divine light,

Blood rushing through our veins,

Cells building and rebuilding

Clots releasing

Our flesh, the yin of our physical beings

Flows strong.

It traces and retraces

Sources and resourcing

Having natural wisdom in the practice of give and take

Showing us what it means to

Let flow.

Let go.

Be in Her ever real flesh

Like streams running off from the mountains,

To be collected up again into the sky

And rain, renew, release, resource.

Divine, we are.

I lay – arms out, belly up, root down, head north

My extra arms emerge

Making me Shakti

Making me Shiva

Making me a medicine wheel.

And the light, divine as it is, finds my source and ignites it.

UncategorizedCarli Romero