Giving it up to Her - 2013


Mama I release to youMy wretchedness, not witchiness My dark ego, not my healthy one I give you for re-source... My hurt, pain, doubt, distrust Of lovers Of love, Of sisters, Of sisterhood Of leaders, Of leadership My tense attachment to Money, My fear of being without, My predisposition toward inadequacy, My tendency to answer in “I don’t know.” My understanding of what it means to “understand” I leave for you to compost My aching womb, My bleeding heart, The loss of the child I wasn’t sure I didn’t want, The guilt for the child I didn’t know I wanted. My belief that a man cant or wont Love me through my edges, And swim through my seas, Bury himself in my beaches And see his shadow in my desert And yet, love me through. And through. And through. Mama, I surrender so that you may reclaim My being alone And sad And confused And too young And too fat And too stupid. To be who my essence is out loud. I surrender to You, the surrender of my real Self.

UncategorizedCarli Romero