An ocean in the sun's wake


Inside the calm of my heart Lies an ocean in the sun’s wake,

Light riveting on the surface of deep dark waters,

Waters held in the night of a womb

Of soil clenched around seeds of magic.

Waiting. Waiting

To pour up and out as living acts of Her brilliance amongst a sea of mirrors.

Inside the storm of my heart

Lightening sharpens, its edges pushing outward against my chest,

Pressuring my container to expand or break,

Requiring my bones to move from stringent to supple

And demanding, ultimately, the tenderness of my own love.

Alive in the center of my brow

There is a vision of blue clear skies,

A vast horizon, a trajectory of unseen beginnings

That breathe life and newness into the caged visions

That manipulate the structures of so many others’ dreams.

Underneath my green blue eyes, tears stand on the threshold,

Bearing witness to the joy of finally loving the being I am.

Inside my womb

Creation thrives as words, as pictures, as calls out to my partners in this path

And orchards and orchards and orchards of fruit bear nourishment

For this world that inhabits my voluminous possibility,

And inside my womb

Contours open, receiving love, life, sweetness and sustenance for the seeds that were sown in the herstory of my soul.

Inside my throat and lungs there is a knocking, a yelling, a song and claim to years

Of tragedy and beauty and glory in the recognition of life’s divine wonders

For the world not yet attune to the tongue of the heart.

Inside my belly there is the power of a Care Bear stare

A rainbow of git’er’dun awash against the generously rainy sky.

My core beams and gleams with unadulterated power,

The tone of golden sunflowers harkening to the sun.

Underneath it all a root system solidly and flexibly grounds me in Her body,

Finding nourishment in Her soil, and lovingly embracing the comfort of Her gravity.

Underneath it all I am solid.  I release.  I recycle.  I regenerate.

As a map of Mother Earth in human form,

Amongst a sea of mirrors.

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